The M40 X pro A.C.E Wiki

The M40 X pro Asteroid class Explorer (or A.C.E) is a highly advanced ship based upon the M20+ class Explorer. Both have the design of classic space shuttle with some differences. When the M20+ was first created by Japanese scientist Jovor Longs it was just used for deep space recon missions. But when the second version, the M20 X planet class explorer was released, it was then they saw the opportunities evolve. The M40 X was the third in this series to be made and it was still the same design but it had a better engine and more cargo capabilities. The M40 X pro Asteroid class explorer is therefore the fourth in the series and, as the name says, is exclusively created for asteroid exploration. It has thrusters strong enough for really sharp turns and its maneuvering capabilities are so good that , when flown by the right pilot, it can land on an asteroid in mid flight. Is has the same cargo capabilities as the M40 X but it has only got room for one pilot and one copilot. The training for being a qualified M40 X a.c.e pilot is one of the hardest, because this spacecraft unlike all the others has heavy weapons, the pilots and copilots both need to complete the weapons training for military fighter pilots. Even although these ships are very outdated they are still used for many things but new ones are not being made anymore. After the success of the M40 X many other ships were made, like the M40 X planet class explorer and the M50 X planet class explorer.

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